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Our Mission
With more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, our mission is simple. Provide you with great exceptional service with the highest level of professionalism, superior quality, and outstanding service.
Our philosophy
based on teamwork, employee education and promotion, and client relations. Strong ethics, a positive work environment and years of experience providing unparalleled property management solutions for our clients.
Our Values
Professional, ethical, and confidential service. Honesty and integrity. Our goal is to create a sense of pride and belonging for each of our residents and their families by providing them with outstanding maintenance services, professional customer service and sparkling clean amenities.

What We Do

While some homeowners like to handle their property management and reservations themselves, others choose not to handle that responsibility. Let us manage these day-to-day services for you and your guests. Rely on us to assist you with your property needs.

Our services include:
  • Guest checking in and check out, personalized registration, and welcome packages.
  • Oversee monthly and annual services such as: pest control, pool care, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Personalized contact for all owner and guest concerns.
  • Questions and answers about the home, directions and area attractions.
  • Fully integrated property management, owner services and marketing programs which will provide numerous opportunities to great success.
Property Management System

We will make use of a cutting edge web based property management system. Providing a powerful software platform to vacation rental managers making them more productive and better connected. This single software solution is required to efficiently run our businesses from reservations and online booking to property management and accounting. The software allows the manager to efficiently manage guest reservations, owners, vendors and rental accounting.

Property Management Details

Management Fee: OIIQ-Management:charges are $150.00 per month.

  • Set up unit to meet with all state requirements to allow unit to be licensed for short term rental program
  • Set up or transfer of utilities
  • License applications and renewals
  • Promotion, advertising and listing of unit
  • Issue monthly and annual statements
  • Supervise maintenance of unit
  • Provide lodging taxes (3.5%) and provincial (9.975%) and federal (5%) sales taxes monthly to tax collector
  • Monthly general inspection of the unit
  • Managing unit reservations
  • Offer a full front desk “guest service program”
Commission Rate and Operational Use:

Property management will deduct 20% from rental revenue. This is used to cover all marketing cost to promote the resort as a destination.

Unit Rental Starting Period:

A period of 5 to 6 weeks from the date that management agreement was signed. Once the property is inspected, fully furnished, all license applications are processed the unit is 100% ready for the first guest coming in.

Unit Permit License - Classified as a Hotel Property:

In Quebec, the Act and Regulation respecting tourist accommodation establishments, stipulate that anyone wishing to offer accommodation for tourists must have a classification certificate.

In Québec, short term rental (stays of less than 32 nights) is legislated by the government and the CITQ (Corporation de l’Industrie du Tourisme du Quebec). All our apartments are fully legal, this means we have the CITQ permits, the adequate zonage, insurances, and that we pay extra municipal taxes, lodging taxes (3.5%) and provincial (9.975%) and federal (5%) sales taxes.

Unit Rental Management and Accounting Support:

The owner of each unit will receive monthly accounting statements and income and expense statements, regarding to their unit in accordance with the Property Management Agreement expenditures (service charges, management fees and any miscellaneous charges). Statements are sent at year-end to provide you and your accountant with an accurate record of your operating expense. All statements will be provided by OIIQ Management.

Tax Collection and Payment Responsibility:

In Québec, lodging taxes (3.5%) and provincial (9.975%) and federal (5%) sales taxes.This tax is charged on each rental unit and is paid by the guests. Once we collect these taxes, by law, we submit them to the appropriate agencies on a monthly basis. It is the owner responsibility to declare any rental income gained on owner bookings and to pay the relevant sales-tourist tax.

Unit Owner Usage:

We strongly encourage all owners to use their unit, for themselves, for family and friends. This philosophy makes OIIQ Management unique, embodying the joy of ownership and the pride of letting friends and business associates use your second home. However, we recommend this during low season if possible. Keep in mind that units are subject to availability.

Escrow Account and Minimum Deposits:

An escrow account is an operational, non-interest baring account required to be maintained at all times with the Property Management Company. The minimum balance required is $1,500.00 per unit. This is a client escrow, and by Quebec law, has to be maintained in a credit balance. This fund will only be used to cover the expenses of your rental unit and not for any other purpose.

Applicable Rental Rates and Set Up:

In order to remain competitive in this growing market, we are continuously checking our competition both regionally and nationally. By setting attractive rates appropriately, allows us to offer each guests with excellent rental rates. Competitive rates may differ depending on the type of the property you purchased. For example, rates for a 3-bedroom townhome unit will vary from a 4-bedroom townhome unit.

Property Projections of Rates and Occupancy:

No property management company is able to guarantee or predict unit rental occupancy. The economy, the weather, world conditions and other reasons will affect the occupancy of the resort. How often and what time of the year you use your property will also be a determined factor. Rates and occupancy differ according to season. “High Season” (winter and summer) is when we achieve the highest occupancy. Meanwhile, during “Low Season” (spring and fall) we offer specials and discounts in order to remain competitive with all other rental properties in the area.

Owner Bookings Reservations:

As a property owner you should play an active role in the marketing of your property! We will gladly assist you with marketing ideas to improve your ability to gain valuable and profitable bookings from your unit. Marketing your property should not depend solely on the management company. It is your business and you must get involved. Remember, together, we can achieve more. As we do our part of marketing your unit, so should you.

Unit Furnishing:

For your unit to be placed in the rental program, it is necessary that the furnishings and house wares meet specific standards, quality and quantity. Adherence to these standards helps ensure that your rental property will meet your guest’s expectations. To assist you in meeting these requirements, we have a standard furniture and house wares package list available.

Property Maintenance and Protection:

OIIQ Management prides itself on providing the very best care for our owner’s properties. Unlike most management companies, we inspect every unit that we manage and provide a regular maintenance service to ensure that your investment is protected. We also monitor all properties for problems and fix them immediately as they occur. Part of our agreement requires that you, as an owner, give us permission to perform emergency and maintenance repairs to your property to keep it always in peak condition for your guests.

Travel Agent Commissions:

A 10% travel agent commission is applicable to all reservations received by Travel Agents, this 10 % is added to your statement as an expense paid by owner.

Credit Card Fees:

The owner is responsible to pay for all credit card fees when reservations are paid by credit card.

Housekeeping Service Fees:

The guest is responsible to pay for all housekeeping service fees.

Other Maintenance and Housekeeping Related Charges:

Management shall arrange for all general repairs or replacements, including repairs to or replacements of furnishings within the unit, which Management, in its reasonable discretion, deems necessary to ensure the units marketability, up to a $200.00 limit (paid by owner) per item repaired or replaced. In the event such repair or replacement is anticipated to cost more than $200.00, a request will first be made to the unit owner for approval; requests for approval not rejected in writing within 10 days thereof shall be deemed approved. Notwithstanding the foregoing, emergency repairs and replacements may be authorized by Management in its reasonable discretion at any time. Any repairs or replacements capable of being carried out by Managements own personnel will be charged at an hourly rate of $25.00 per person, charged in ½ hour increments plus the cost of the replaced item. A 50% surcharge will apply for emergency repairs and replacements performed by Management personnel during the hours between 10:00 PM and 9:00 AM.

Housekeeping services will be provided to the unit upon check out, this service is paid by the guest and when the unit is occupied by the owner the owner pays for this service. Any further cleanings or cleanings which are above and beyond the scope of what would be expected to be a normal and ordinary cleaning will be charged to the unit owner on an “as- needed” basis. Likewise, spot cleaning of carpets and upholstery, ”deep carpet cleaning”, paint touch-up, pressure cleaning and linen and towel replacement shall be charged separately, at Management’s discretion, on an “as-needed” basis.

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