We offer a full-service design agency specializing in brand strategy and digital design.

Showcase Site Development

OIIQ offers development of high-quality, visually appealing showcase websites that are tailored to present businesses, products, or services in an engaging way. These websites are designed with a focus on user experience, brand representation, and are optimized for search engines.

Architecture and Technological Infrastructure

OIIQ offers services in planning and implementing robust technological infrastructures. This includes network architecture, data management solutions, and ensuring scalable and secure infrastructure to support clients' digital assets.

Canadian Dedicated Servers Solutions

For clients requiring dedicated resources, OIIQ provides Canadian-based dedicated server solutions. These are tailored for businesses that need high-performance, security, and full control over their server environment.

E-Commerce, CRM, and ERP Solutions

OIIQ specializes in developing comprehensive e-commerce platforms, integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These solutions are tailored to streamline sales, customer management, and business operations.

Canadian Web Hosting Solutions

OIIQ provides web hosting services specifically tailored for Canadian businesses. These hosting solutions are designed for reliability, speed, and optimized performance, ensuring websites and applications run smoothly.

Web and Mobile Application Development (iOS, Android)

OIIQ develops custom web and mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. The focus is on creating responsive, feature-rich applications that cater to the specific needs of the client, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.

Canadian Cloud Hosting Solutions

OIIQ offers cloud hosting services hosted in Canadian data centers. This service is ideal for businesses looking for scalable, flexible, and secure cloud environments, with the added advantage of data residency in Canada.

Each of these services underlines OIIQ's commitment to offering comprehensive, customized web solutions. The focus on Canadian hosting and server solutions emphasizes their dedication to local data security and performance needs, which is particularly important for Canadian businesses or international companies looking to establish a presence in Canada.

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