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Joomla Consulting: $175/hour

Our expertise in Joomla is extensive; we've been involved since its Mambo days, dating back to 2005. Over the years, we have created a multitude of Joomla web sites, plugins, modules, and components tailored to our clients' needs.

Marketing Consulting/Integrations: $$$/hour

Our Marketing Consulting/Integrations service offers bespoke solutions that seamlessly blend innovative marketing strategies with the latest technology. We specialize in integrating diverse marketing tools and platforms, ensuring a cohesive and efficient marketing ecosystem. Tailored to each client's unique needs, our service enhances data-driven decision-making, optimizes marketing campaigns, and drives measurable growth.

Architect Solution Consultation: $$$/hour

Our Architect Solution Consultation Service offers expert guidance in designing and implementing cutting-edge, customized technology solutions. We specialize in creating robust and scalable architectures, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance for your specific business needs. Our service is dedicated to transforming challenges into innovative, efficient solutions that drive success and growth.

Enterprise Architect Consultation: $$$/hour

Our Enterprise Architect Consultation Service delivers strategic expertise in designing comprehensive and scalable architectures for large-scale organizations. We focus on aligning technology infrastructure with business goals, ensuring seamless integration, efficiency, and future-proof solutions that support growth and innovation in complex enterprise environments.

Emergency Services

Fix Hacked Website Emergency Service: $$$/hour.

Our "Fix Hacked Website Emergency Service" provides rapid, expert assistance to recover and secure your website from cyber attacks. We specialize in identifying breaches, removing malware, restoring data, and fortifying your site's defenses to prevent future incidents, ensuring minimal downtime and maintaining your digital integrity. We don't stop working until we bring your website back to normal and secure!

IT Disaster Recovery Emergency Service: $$$/hour

Our IT Disaster Recovery Emergency Service offers swift and reliable solutions to restore and protect your critical IT infrastructure in the face of disasters. We specialize in rapid data recovery, system restoration, and implementing robust safeguards to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity in urgent scenarios.

Emergency Preparedness in Cybersecurity Services: $$$/hour

Our Emergency Preparedness in Cybersecurity Services is dedicated to equipping businesses with proactive strategies and robust defenses against potential cyber threats. We specialize in risk assessment, developing incident response plans, and implementing advanced security measures to ensure resilience and readiness for any cyber emergency.

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