Mike Rowe responds to a critic who called him an

Mike Rowe responds to a critic who called him an “anti-education, science doubting, ultra-right wing conservative" (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
We still believe in what used to be the central premise of liberalism: people should be judged on what they do, not on how they look or who their parents were or what their ancestors did. We believe in the individual. And because we do, we think our immigration policy ought to be driven by what each individual can add to America. Nobody deserves to be admitted by lottery, or because they happen to be related to someone here, or because they snuck in and it's too politically difficult to make them leave. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)

Vice Tweet Ruins Any Credibility They Had

Vice was rooting for the Jaguars to win the AFC Championship game last night. Here's why (via Twitter): "The Jaguars are fun and don't give a sh*t. The Patriots are villainous cheaters with a player, coach, and owner that consider Donald Trump a friend. There's only one team to cheer for in the AFC title game." (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has released a new song called “Stand,” and it's dedicated to all “those who #Resist.” #MondayMediaMadness (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Jorge Ramos: there's no such thing as an "illegal" alien... and the wall will be useless. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Donald Trump Jr.: I took a 20-minute meeting and did 23 hours of testimony. Secretary Hillary Clinton testified for just 11 hours on Benghazi... where people DIED. This is the double standard the American people are being fed. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
California says it will PUNISH Americans if they report illegal aliens. We want to repeat that: the country's biggest state is punishing its citizens for following federal law. It's a threat to the basic integrity of the United States. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Tucker takes on a professor who wants "white genocide", and who says he wanted to "vomit" when he saw a passenger give up his first-class seat for a soldier. #FlashbackFriday (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
This Denver nurse says she was fired for supporting President Trump. Now she’s suing. Thoughts? (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Tucker: unity, not diversity, is our strength. Don't let the left lie to you. It doesn't mean we have to look alike or come from the same place. But it does mean we need to share common beliefs. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
MAJOR VEGAS DEVELOPMENTS. Charges could be coming... and a Congressman says there may be an ISIS link. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Twitter routinely bans accounts for expressing viewpoints its executives oppose. Google tampers with its search results to hide ideas it doesn't like, and fires employees who express them. Weirdly, the media applaud all of this. Fox News (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Arizona's Martha McSally: Dems are DICKING AROUND with DACA while our troops are out there fighting for our country! (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)

And the WINNERS of Trump's Fake News Awards are...

And the WINNERS of Trump's Fake News Awards are... (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)

Where were YOU when you found out?

Where were YOU when you found out? (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
It's #WhatToReadWednesday Tonight we'll have author Franklin Foer on the show to talk about tech turned creepy as Amazon's Echo Spot brings a camera and microphone into bedrooms. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Rep Maxine Waters said she’s skipping the President’s State of the Union address. This army vet wants her spot: (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
The media in meltdown mode... because Trump is in good health. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)

Tucker: fake hate crimes are dividing us.

Tucker: fake hate crimes are dividing us. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
New Jersey cities are hurting... but its new governor wants to create an agency to help illegal immigrants. Non-citizens are more worthy in his eyes than actual citizens. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
It's #TuckerTuesdays here's a sneak peek of what's on the show tonight! See you at 8 PM EST #Tucker @foxnews (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
"...sanctuary policies were 'putting my [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] officers at risk.'" - DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Read more here: (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
New details about the Vegas massacre. Shooter's girlfriend, Marilou, says to expect her fingerprints on some of the bullets. She also deleted her Facebook just hours after the attack, before Paddock's name was announced in the media. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Our ruling class supports our current immigration policy because, for them, its all upside. They're not standing in line at crowded emergency rooms or sending their kids to chaotic public schools, or competing for jobs with people who will work for less. For them, open borders mean cheaper labor and bountiful household help. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Democrats are planning on boycotting the President's State of the Union address later this month. Among them are Rep Maxine Waters and Rep John Lewis. Thoughts? (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Meanwhile... on MSNBC... #MondayMediaMadness (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Twitter engineers caught on video admitting to "shadow banning"... and many suspect they are targeting conservatives. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Black Lives Matter activist is now a Missouri State Rep. He is protesting the Pledge of Allegiance. (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
Tucker: Harvard doesn't let in the first 7,000 Salvadorans who apply...they take only the best. Why don't we run our country that way? (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)
The high cost of socialism. Starving Venezuelans are beating grazing cow to death with rocks. Read more here: (Source TuckerCarlsonTonight)