The Safest Marijuana Stocks to Buy in 2018

#marijuana #investing (Source themotleyfool)

3 Robotics Stocks to Consider Buying in 2018

iRobot isn't the only game in town. (Source themotleyfool)

Netflix has good news for investors.

Netflix has good news for investors. (Source themotleyfool)

3 Hidden Investing Costs You Can't Afford to Ignore

Because of the power of compound returns, paying $1 in fees now can cost you $10 or even $100 down the road in retirement. (Source themotleyfool)

What Is an IPO?

Read before you invest. (Source themotleyfool)
How Do Government Shutdowns Affect the Stock Market? #Shutdown (Source themotleyfool)
If you agree with the notion that boring is good, then check out this energy company and this petroleum pipeline operator. (Source themotleyfool)
Trying to save money? Robert Brokamp from the Motley Fool Answers team suggests: Eliminate or reduce a recurring expense. We all know what these things are. It could be a gym. It could be cable. It could be a phone. Subscriptions. A lot of times these things are employee benefits like pre-paid legal, or some sort of extra insurance coverage, or anything that's coming out of your paycheck and you just forgot about it. I bet that if you look at three months' worth of bank statements, credit card statements, and paychecks, you're going to find something that (a) you're paying for that you no longer want or (b) someone you call [can] negotiate a better deal. (Source themotleyfool)
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4 Things You Need to Know About the 2018 Tax Changes ... (Source themotleyfool)


"Nothing in need of constant repair and requiring a half-dozen commissioned middlemen will yield superior investing results." ... (Source themotleyfool)

Where to Park Your Cash

Send your piggy bank on vacation and consider these other places for your money. (Source themotleyfool)

How to Network at a Conference

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Is it time to part with your plastic? (Source themotleyfool)
Check out and consider donating before our deadline on Friday, Jan. 19, at 11:59 p.m. (Source themotleyfool)

The Clock Is Ticking on This Big 2017 Tax Break ...

The Clock Is Ticking on This Big 2017 Tax Break ... (Source themotleyfool)

Congress Just Opened This $10 Billion Can of Worms

One more money thing to consider if divorce is on the horizon for you in 2019. (Source themotleyfool)
Where there's money, there's fraud. Protect yourself, would-be bitcoin millionaires. ... (Source themotleyfool)

1 Dividend Stock to Buy and Hold for Life

Stability in a cardboard cup. (Source themotleyfool)

2018 Summer Internships – Now Open!

There's still time to submit you Motley Fool intern application. (Source themotleyfool)

Motley Fool Culture

FoolWorks is a people development tool born out of the award-winning culture of The Motley Fool. We're excited to announce that FoolWorks will be sponsoring Culture Amp's "Culture First Tour" in NYC on Thursday, Jan. 25. Check out the great lineup & agenda, plus use code NYE18 for 20% off! #culturefirst (Source themotleyfool)

3 Stocks You Can Keep Forever


Here's Where State Income Taxes Jumped in 2018

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Motley Fool 2018 Summer Internships – Now Open!

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3 Top Oil Stocks to Buy in January

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