Last year, just 25% of investors owned an ETF. BlackRock says by 2020 it'll be 50%. (Source marketwatch)
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Where to move if you want to be happy

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Tour helicopter crashes in New York’s East River

Divers search for missing passengers after a tourist helicopter crashes into New York's East River. (Source marketwatch)
The NCAA Tournament is more exciting than business meetings, and embracing that fact can make for a happier workforce, according to a number of new surveys. (Source marketwatch)
Elon Musk says the first stage of SpaceX’s mission to Mars could happen as soon as next year. (Source marketwatch)
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Why millennials should love the bumpy market

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Are we now suffering from ‘Star Wars’ overkill?

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The best news in the jobs report

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Since Blankfein took over as Goldman's CEO, the stock is up 80%. However... JPM is up 181%, and the DJIA is up 127%. (Source marketwatch)
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