With the government shutdown over, investors today are homing in on earnings — and maybe how the Davos crowd is solving the world’s problems. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
The first investing mistake is FOMO. The second one is a fear of heights. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
With the government shutdown over, investors today are homing in on earnings — and maybe how the Davos crowd is solving the world’s problems. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net

Kevin Spacey scandal cost Netflix $39 million

Netflix said it lost $39 million after pulling the plug on Kevin Spacey projects following his sexual misconduct scandal. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
What are your personal benchmarks for success? (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
The bull market may now be facing its ultimate threat: Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
"We’ve gone from a culture that prized hard work, frugality and discretion as the central tenets of the American Dream to a culture that prized celebrity, bling and narcissism.” (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net

MoviePass reveals its true ambitions at Sundance

MoviePass's subscriber numbers have ballooned to more than 1 million from 20,000. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
Goldman issues a warning on bitcoin, quoting a historian on the tulip bubble: "Our descendants doubtless will laugh at the human insanity of our Age." (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
There's a simple, four-step process for figuring it out. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
It's inspired by her own life in the CIA. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net

Here’s where (and where not) to retire

Florida is first. But would you have guessed Colorado for No. 2? (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
It's not clear if the bond market selloff has enough momentum to sustain another big move. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
TD Ameritrade is set to offer its clients the ability to trade 24 hours a day, five days a week — a move which is likely to be followed by rivals. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
They don't have streaming services yet, but Netflix sees Apple and Disney as its top competitors in the coming years. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
"Hackers are attracted by the rush, absence of a centralized authority, blockchain transaction irreversibility and information chaos." (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
“These trade deals, they’re terrible,” Trump reportedly told Ross in an Oval Office meeting. “Your understanding of trade is terrible. Your deals are no good. No good.” (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
Fake news is taking Facebook by storm once again, only this time instead of Russian misinformation, it’s a trailer promising a “Friends” reunion movie. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
Can you spot the moment the news hit in this chart? (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
While an abundance of billionaires scooped up 82% of the world’s wealth last year, half the world got nothing. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
Netflix stock is on a rampage after hours -- propelling the company to a $100 billion market cap. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net

Former KPMG executives arrested on conspiracy charges

Six accountants, including former partners at KPMG, were arrested and charged with conspiring to defraud regulators. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
Pundits say Trump is in for a thrashing in November, Paul Brandus writes. "But with this guy, you never know." (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net


Dance like no one is watching, but email like it's going to be read aloud in a deposition (Source marketwatch) on.wsj.com
You can turn down the temperature! (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
"The seller has not offered to give me any compensation for my referral. Should I be more straightforward about asking for some?" (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
"People don’t believe housing is in a bubble and don’t want to hear talk about prices being a little bit bubblish." (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
The former trader and statistician offers what amounts to the fullest-throated endorsement of the concept behind cryptocurrencies. (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net
The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded near its highs of the day Monday after reports the Senate is set to vote to end the government shutdown http://on.mktw.net/2BkEoVM (Source marketwatch) www.facebook.com
Last month, President Donald Trump reportedly floated a potential new campaign slogan: “How’s your 401(k) doing?” But who's really benefiting? (Source marketwatch) on.mktw.net