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How to rank “important” languages?

Surely a language is important if it is spoken by lots of people in countries with great wealth (and presumably, therefore, power). But a study shows that size does not really matter (Source TheEconomist) econ.st

Donald Trump's new tariffs will hurt America, too

If China chooses to retaliate, American agriculture exporters look particularly vulnerable (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
Sources close to Sessions said the attorney general had no idea he may have been under investigation for perjury when he fired McCabe last week. (Source FoxBusiness) www.foxnews.com

Why Catholic priests practise celibacy

It was not until ecumenical meetings of the Catholic Church at the First and Second Lateran councils in 1123 and 1139 that priests were explicitly forbidden from marrying (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
Mark Anthony Conditt, the man linked to the deadly bombings that rocked Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas over the past month, recorded a 25-minute-long "confession" to his crimes, police said late Wednesday. (Source FoxBusiness) www.foxnews.com

Why the current flu crisis is so severe

Pneumonia and influenza caused nearly 10% of all deaths in America in the week ending January 13th, which exceeds the definition for an epidemic (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
The essence of populism is the belief that society can be divided into two antagonistic classes—the people and the powerful (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
Dashcam footage posted online provides a new angle of the deadly pedestrian bridge collapse at Florida International University. (Source FoxBusiness) www.foxnews.com

Men and women do not think in the same ways

Men have better motor and spatial abilities than women and more monomaniacal patterns of thought. Women have better memories. They are more socially adept and are better at dealing with several things at once (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
"This is the first of many." On Thursday, President Donald J. Trump signed a presidential memo targeting China over steel, aluminum, and intellectual property theft, valued at $50 billion. http://fxn.ws/2IF7YKp (Source FoxBusiness) www.facebook.com

What’s so good about the Mona Lisa?

Have you ever stood in front of a painting renowned as a classic, struggling to see what the fuss is about? If so, you’ve probably pondered the following question: how does a work of art come to be considered great? From The Economist’s 1843 magazine (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
"[Republicans] have got to start learning to play some hardball. They have surrendered to Senator Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and to a minority, and there is just no excuse for just giving up this quickly. And if the government has to shut down in order to push that point, then maybe that's what has to happen." —Mike Huckabee (Source FoxBusiness) www.facebook.com
Supersymmetry is a beautiful idea. But there is still no evidence to support it (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
BREAKING: In a vote just after midnight Friday, the Senate voted to pass a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, averting a government shutdown while paving the way for the next funding fight ahead of the midterm elections. (Source FoxBusiness) fxn.ws
"It's certainly necessary...I know the markets don't like this. They don't like uncertainty. They don't like disruptions. But nonetheless it's up to President Donald J. Trump to protect the American economy, because if he doesn't, there's going to be very little left to our economy." Gordon Chang, Author of 'The Coming Collapse of China, supports the Trump administration's announcement of new tariffs, valued at $50 billion, on Chinese goods. http://fxn.ws/2pw1ENE (Source FoxBusiness) www.facebook.com
A rising elite is dissatisfied with the aggression, degradation and lies that underpin Vladimir Putin’s rule (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
KB Toys, the chain of shopping mall stores that closed in 2009, is considering a comeback as Toys''R''Us shuts down. http://fxn.ws/2GKBrC8 (Source FoxBusiness) www.facebook.com
Peru's new president, Martín Vizcarra, may bring calm (Source TheEconomist) econ.st

Americans increasingly disagree about basic facts

America has gone through periods of "truth decay" in the past, but it was not accompanied by such stark disagreement over objective facts and scientific truths (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross reacted to the Trump administration announcing new tariffs, valued at $50 billion, on Chinese goods Thursday, targeting 1,300 items. http://fxn.ws/2IF7YKp (Source FoxBusiness) www.facebook.com
Meet the "coywolf", a combination of wolf, coyote and dog that is spreading through the eastern part of North America. One of our most popular stories of all time (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
"The governor and legislatures in this state are hell-bent on releasing criminals into the streets. So my community is affected because we are made less safe. That's my lens. That's what I look through. If you're gonna do something that makes me less safe, then I'm gonna fight against you." Aliso Viejo, California Mayor Dave Harrington is a part of the growing number of towns and cities in California that are exploring options to follow Los Alamitos in rejecting the state’s sanctuary law. http://fxn.ws/2HXoHrj (Source FoxBusiness) www.facebook.com

How clean is solar power?

That solar panels do not emit greenhouse gases when they are generating electricity is without question. But sceptics observe that a lot of energy is needed to make a solar panel in the first place (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
"The era of economic surrender is over." Vice President Mike Pence commended President Donald J. Trump and his administration, who announced new tariffs, valued at $50 billion, on Chinese goods Thursday, targeting 1,300 items. http://fxn.ws/2IF7YKp (Source FoxBusiness) www.facebook.com
Tech firms are luring AI experts from universities with salaries rivalling those of sports stars (Source TheEconomist) econ.st
May 17, 1792: Twenty-four New York City stockbrokers and merchants signed the Buttonwood Agreement under a tree of the same name (which are now known as sycamore trees) to mark the beginning of the NYSE. (Source themotleyfool)
"I think [President Donald J. Trump] is a man comfortable in his own skin in debating these issues. I think that others who advise on the National Security Council will have their views as well. It's a fundamental tentative belief in a system of freedom of expression for the country as a whole, but I think also in government decision making that the clash of ideas brings you close to the truth." Incoming National Secuirty Adviser John Bolton weighed in on his differing views from President Trump and replacing H.R. McMaster. Bolton added, "It will be an honor to work with [H.R. McMaster] in the transition." http://fxn.ws/2Gesqng (Source FoxBusiness) www.facebook.com
Many schools have downplayed grammar teaching, so much so that pupils often first encounter words like “past participle” and “subordinate clause” in a foreign-language class, not in English (Source TheEconomist) econ.st

Donald Trump launches attack on Chinese trade

China has broken the rules, the president thinks, and needs to be held to account. Plenty agree. That does not make the Trump administration’s strategy on tariffs a good one (Source TheEconomist) econ.st