This Is Why Kylie Jenner Doesn't Want You To Know She's Pregnant

The reasons why Kylie is keeping her pregnancy a secret. Subscribe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kim Kardashian used to be the most popular member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but it seems like Kylie Jenner might finally be outdoing her. Everyone knows that Kim is expecting her third child with Kanye West via a surrogate, but everyone would rather talk about whether Kylie is pregnant or not. Ever since the rumors started to fly that Kylie might be having rapper Travis Scotts baby, we've all been watching her every move to see if its true. If you want to know why Kylie has been unusually quiet about the whole situation, check out This Is Why Kylie Jenner Doesn't Want You To Know She's Pregnant. We think that Kylie might be delaying the confirmation of her pregnancy to let her older sis Kim have her spotlight moment. Kim is a huge diva, and we can imagine that Kylie is trying really hard not to outshine Kimyes recently announced surrogate pregnancy. This entire family has been in the spotlight long enough to know how PR works, and we can imagine that they have to follow strict announcement protocols. Another reason why Kylie might be keeping mum is that her momager Kris Jenner doesn't want her to announce anything just yet. According to an inside source, Kris is worried that Kylie's pregnancy might interfere with the profitability of Kylie Cosmetics. But you'll have to keep watching to hear what will happen to the company once Kylie turns twenty-five years old. From taking time off to not wanting to hear that she’s too young, there are many reasons why Kylie hasn't confirmed her pregnancy yet. Make sure to keep watching until the end to see why Kylie might just be milking the attention she's getting. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: