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Trump has the best words. Believe him.

Trump has the best words. Believe him. (Source HuffPost)

Tomorrow, Inshallah

HuffPost shared Tomorrow, Inshallah's post. (Source HuffPost)
Yes, Michael B Jordan! ?? (Source HuffPost)
Many of the KFC locations in the United Kingdom remain shuttered. (Source HuffPost)

These athletes are redefining what’s possible.

These athletes are redefining what’s possible. (Source HuffPost)
“Maybe this will be the answer. Maybe this will finally spur on these lawmakers to do something. Just do something.” (Source HuffPost)
A Florida deputy has resigned after it emerged he did not confront the gunman during the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre despite being armed. (Source HuffPost)
"From my experience, people are usually scared of things or people they’re not familiar with. If they get to know people they think are different from them, they might find out how alike they really are." (Source HuffPost)
Patrisse Cullors of Black Lives Matter believes we need to have a “courageous conversation” about everyone impacted by gun violence in America, regardless of race. (Source HuffPost)
Teachers are calling out Trump over a plan for guns in the classroom. (Source HuffPost)

HuffPost Life

Democrats have come out swinging... against one of their own. (Source HuffPost)
Mark Hamill took what appeared to be a shot at Donald J. Trump. (Source HuffPost)

(By: Landysh /

(By: Landysh / (Source HuffPost)
"Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it’s not a problem to you personally.” (Source HuffPost)

HuffPost Life

Good news, oldest children! (Source HuffPost)
Now this is an adorable way to start your mornings. (Source HuffPost)
"I wanted to champion the longevity of marriage and give the longest married couples the recognition they deserve." (Source HuffPost)

HuffPost Life

“My inspiration for these comics is simply our daily lives. These are real cases that happen to us.” (Source HuffPost)
So THAT'S why we blow out candles on our birthdays. (Source HuffPost)

Be an encourager.

"Dismantling the ADA doesn’t just hurt disabled people and their families. It hurts all of us." (Source HuffPost)

What Waiters Really Wish Customers Knew

We talked to three waiters to uncover their pet peeves, hear their tips for customers who want to go that extra mile, and learn what they wish patrons knew about their jobs. (Source HuffPost)
No. 10. Your partner makes fun of you in front of other people, even after you asked him or her not to. (Source HuffPost)

For Good's Sake

9. They support you in your battle with depression. (Source HuffPost)
Is Tomi Lahren really a Fox News crisis actor? (Source HuffPost)
"Black Panther" fans really, really want the mythical country of Wakanda to be real. (Source HuffPost)
A new study shows that 94 percent of women in Hollywood have experienced sexual harassment or assault. (Source HuffPost)

Opinion | Russia's Man In The White House

"Any other president would educate America about the threat we face, and rally our resources to thwart it. Trump undermines our institutions and undoes our defenses ― encouraging Russia to escalate its assault." (Source HuffPost)