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The story of how B.C. supported, benefited from, then double-crossed Trans Mountain (Source NationalPost)
Because of him, the Australian PM was forced to introduce the "bonk ban." (Source NationalPost)
Be careful what you wish for. (Source NationalPost)

Are the Leafs and McDonagh a good match?

With the Leafs looking to bolster their defence and the Rangers looking to trade Ryan McDonagh, are the teams a match to make a trade? (Source TSN)
The Canadians currently sit second only to Norway in the medal standings. (Source TSN)
People making a living doing half-pipe 960s is a clear sign of wealth. (Source NationalPost)
In pure population terms, Justin Trudeau is to India what the president of Djibouti is to Canada (Source NationalPost)
Should athletes have to wear their medals? (Source TSN)
Considering the women’s hockey loss and dreadful curling failures, writes Steve Simmons, these Olympics have shown a deeper and stronger Canadian team than ever. (Source NationalPost)

Financial Post

The RBC mortgage juggernaut shows little sign of slowing (Source NationalPost)
At least we'll always have mixed doubles. (Source NationalPost)

Financial Post

Trudeau wrongly said Canadian energy regulation was ‘broken.’ Then he wrecked it (Source NationalPost)

Financial Post

Who else saw this one coming? (Source TSN)
The person said to the CSIS agent that “this is an embarrassment for the prime minister and (CSIS) should send a note to the prime minister’s office. And they sent a note.” (Source NationalPost)
What you get out of an Olympics depends a lot on what you hope to get out of it, writes Scott Stinson. (Source NationalPost)
Teachers are calling out Trump over a plan for guns in the classroom. (Source HuffPost)
Cynthia Thibaudeau's husband says she was healthy, did not have any previous health issues, and had received her flu vaccine prior to her death. (Source cbcnews)
“In the moment, I was disappointed with the outcome of the game, and my emotions got the better of me.” (Source NationalPost)

Financial Post

BREAKING RBC's mortgage juggernaut shows little sign of slowing (Source NationalPost)
It's Russia's second positive test of the Olympics. (Source NationalPost)

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It was a chaotic ski cross day in Pyeongchang, which is to say it was a typical ski cross day. And standing alone at the end of it were two Canadians. (Source NationalPost)
Democrats have come out swinging... against one of their own. (Source HuffPost)

CBC News Morning Brief

CBC News quiz: New research says it found evidence in Spanish caves that: A) Neanderthals dyed their hair B) Neanderthals made art (Source cbcnews)
“It feels like forever ago, and to think that I almost hung up my skates then and called it quits, it’s amazing." (Source NationalPost)

Homan: The international field in curling is getting stronger

It was a tough two weeks for the Rachel Homan, and her rink at the Olympics in Pyeongchang. (Source TSN)

Hamelin: 'That bronze medal felt like gold to us'

Charles Hamelin and his team won a bronze medal in the men's 5,000 m relay event, and he couldn't be more proud of how his teammates competed in the race. (Source TSN)